Who Would Be Affected

How many people at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign would be affected?

More than 150 students, visiting scholars, faculty and staff could be affected by this policy. We have been working to provide information and support to the individuals who are directly affected by this executive order.

Can I have a list of people who are affected?

We do not maintain such a list. If you are an administrator who is trying to assist people who are affected by or concerned about this order and are not sure where to find assistance, please contact Robin Kaler at rkaler@illinois.edu or International Student and Scholar Services at 217/333-1303 or http://isss.illinois.edu/.

Does this affect green card holders?

As of Jan. 29, 2017, Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly applied a provision of the executive order stating that the entry of lawful permanent residents was in the national interest. A DHS fact sheet issued shortly after stated green card holders should expect “swift entry.” However exceptions can apply, and green card holders also should avoid travelling abroad during this period.

Does this affect advanced parole holders?

Because of the language in Secretary Kelly’s waiver determination and the DHS fact sheet, the waiver likely will apply only to lawful permanent residents and not to those who have advanced parole but not permanent residence status. Individuals should consult an experienced immigration lawyer if they have questions or for legal advice before making plans to travel.

What if I am not from one of the six countries but am from another Muslim-majority nation?

The executive order would affect only people from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. However, we are closely monitoring the situation as it evolves and are working with our peer institutions across the nation to support students, faculty and staff from all countries.